In August, I decided it was time to upgrade this website. I wanted to accomplish the following with the upgrade:

  1. improve the readability both in the browser and on mobile devices (phones, tablets, etc).
  2. move the website from an cloud server at Rackspace to S3
    • This is a static website that is generated with Jekyll

To improve the readability of I upgraded to the lastest version of Bootstrap and followed the guidelines in Butterick’ Practical Typography.

The migration of the site to be hosted as a S3 Static Website took a little more planning and a bit of trial and error.

The rest of the entry will cover how this site was migrated to S3.

Create the S3 bucket to hold your site

I followed these instructions, however I made a few changes as my DNS is provided by Hover.

I created two buckets with the following configuration

    • Enabled website hosting was selected
      • Index Document - index.html
      • Error Document = error.html
    • Enabled access logging for the bucket
      • Access logs will be placed in the ./logs folder in bucket
    • Redirect all requests to another host name
      • Redirect requests to
    • Enabled access logging for the bucket
      • Access logs will be placed in the folder in bucket

Upload your site to the S3 bucket

For this first upload, I used the AWS S3 Console to upload the files. If you use Chrome as your browser, you can drag and drop the entire directory tree into the upload wizard.

Do not hit the Start Upload button yet. Instead

  1. click on the Set Details button
  2. Select the Reduced Redundancy Storage option
  3. click on the Set Permissions button
  4. Select Make everything public
  5. Click on the Start Upload button to start the upload of the files

At this point, I was able to access the site at

If I went to I would automatically get redirected to

Update the DNS entries for the fourproc domain

DNS for my domain is provided by Hover. The following changes were made to the DNS entries:

  • @
  • www
    • Created a CNAME record pointing to

Configure naked domain redirect

To configured the naked domain redirect, I followed the instructions at

  • Forwarded the domain to
  • Did not select Enable stealth redirection

That is it. Now you can go to and see this site.