As you may or may not know, LabKey Server has the capability to offload certain types of processing to separate computers such as

  • Rserv: offload the execution of R reports/views to an Rserv running on a separate computer
  • Remote Pipeline: offload proteomics and sequence analysis computation to a separate computer
  • Galaxy: offload sequence analysis and genotyping to a separate Galaxy server.

Last month, one of LabKey’s developers, Kevin Krouse, wrote up instructions for using Vagrant to make development and testing of features using Rserv easier. I took his work and expanded it

  • to support Remote Pipeline servers
  • uses chef-solo to handle configuration during provisioning.
  • [update 9/11] Ben Bimber added support for his sequence analysis pipeline.


Once these VMs have been installed, all you need to do is run vagrant up and the VM will be started on your dev machine.