Today, I moved this blog from Posterous to the open web (ie a cloud server I host at RackSpace). This blog is just a bunch of static pages, images and css. No corporate blogging silo. No database. Many fewer moving parts.

The blog is generated using jekyll and Bootstrap. I will be posting my implementation notes for installation, configuration and content generation for this blog in a few days.

The blog is a bit barebones right now. Comments, RSS feed and tag pages will be available shortly.

I hope you find it useful.


PS: I know I that I still use the Posterous for my tripReports blog. I am getting to it, give me a little time.

PSS: I like Posterous and it has served up my sites very nicely over the years. But I want to make sure I own my content and always have access to it, no matter if the company suddenly does not like me or the governments decides to put the company under a takedown order. (I still have not figured out how to make a copy of my original trip reports blog. I made it so secure, I cannot get into and download all the content heheheā€¦. )