I will be giving a talk at the Cascadia IT Conference here in Seattle. The conference is scheduled for Friday and Saturday, March 11th and 12th. My talk is

Deploying your Application to Cloud: Lessons Learned from Five Different Applications.
Over the past 2 years, I have been asked to migrate 5 different applications "to the cloud".  Three of the five applications were successfully migrated. For the other two applications, the migration to the cloud did not make sense for either performance or financial reasons. In this talk, I will review the types of clouds that are available. Discuss how to evaluate if an application is "ready for the cloud" and guidelines for how to move an application from your datacenter or traditional hosting company to the cloud. Then using each of the five applications as examples, I will discuss why there successfully migrated or not and the technical lessons learned during each migration.
(NOTE: The example applications in this talk cover migrations to Amazon Web Services (EC2, S3, etc) and Rackspace's Cloud.)


The talk is scheduled for 4:30 -> 5pm on Saturday. You can see the other talks scheduled for Saturday at http://www.casitconf.org/casitconf11/Tech_track_1.html and http://www.casitconf.org/casitconf11/Tech_track_2.html.  

The conference looks pretty interesting. If you haven't looked into it yet, please do. Registration is still open and you can follow @casitconf for more information.